Faye Burnett, Project Manager - Mace Group
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Faye Burnett

Project Manager

Consultancy, UK

Faye joined Mace in 2007 and is now an experienced project manager in the private sector consultancy team. As well as managing complex projects across various sectors, she also spearheads our Foundations for Your Future project – a working group designed to encourage young women into the built environment.

How has your career progressed at Mace?
I started out as a project secretary before becoming a personal assistant to the director of the private sector consultancy team - it was an exciting and varied role. Mace was really supportive when I told them I wanted to study and further my skill set so they sponsored me to study a BA Hons in urban and environmental planning. I was then promoted to assistant project manager – a first for this type of role change in our department.
What personal development opportunities have you had at Mace?
While supporting me to study part-time, Mace also approved my application for the Developing Success Programme – an 18 month leadership programme at Imperial College London. The course challenged the way I thought and the way I worked and has been a huge part of my life.
Why Mace?
I like the way Mace focuses on its people and how easy it is to feel like you belong. I also like how open the Board directors are to new ideas; they really empower employees to involve themselves in pieces of work that are important to them but may be outside their normal scope.
What do you enjoy most about your role at Mace?

I love the huge variety of people I meet on a daily basis. From other project managers to award winning mechanical engineers and talented designers, they are all such fascinating people with their own experiences. I try to learn from all of them and apply them to my work life in some way.

I’m also enjoying the excellent work we’ve been doing with the Foundations for Your Future schools and diversity group. We’re trying to encourage more interest from women in the construction industry and built environment from a young age by providing a toolkit that enables Mace staff to deliver presentations at schools. We launched in September 2016 and it’s really exciting. Even if one young woman, per presentation, considers the built environment as a potential career, we’ve won.

What skills do you need to be good at your job?
You need to be highly organised and detail focused. Relationship building is the key so you need to be professional yet personable - it’s a balancing act. As a woman you need to be strong and brave and jump in feet first regardless of how scary the industry may seem.
What advice would you give to someone looking to get into what you do?
Say yes to everything. Don’t limit yourself to one sector or specialism. The graduate route is an obvious way of entering the construction industry, but it’s not the only way. Apprenticeship schemes are a smart way of gaining experience and help to pay for those rising student fees.
What do you hope you will be doing in the next 5-10 years?
I hope to be a director at Mace, working on exciting projects but also helping develop the younger generation and hopefully increasing interest in the built environment. I love teaching, coaching and supporting teams and hope I can continue this into my future work.
What might someone be surprised to know about you?
I'm an avid snowboarder and try to hit the mountains as often as possible.
Faye Burnett, Project Manager - Mace Group

“I hope to be a director at Mace, working on exciting projects but also helping develop the younger generation.”