Mace Board: Mandy Willis - Mace Group
Mace Executive Board

Mandy Willis

Group Director for Corporate Strategy

Mandy officially joined Mace in 2014 after supporting the Board as an external commercial tax advisor for 14 years. Experienced in corporate structuring, funding and high-level reward incentivisation, Mandy has made a significant contribution to the business and in January 2018 joined the Mace Board as Group Director for Corporate Strategy to lead on a wide range of activities critical to delivering Mace’s 2022 strategy.

How did you come to join Mace?

I started my career with Deloitte, dealing with private clients and owner managed companies, then moved to Arthur Anderson where I gained experience in wider international matters, including employee mobilisation. Over time, working with different corporate clients and for other accountancy practices, my area of expertise broadened to include joint ventures, corporate acquisitions, funding, financing, tax and corporate structuring, indeed Mace was one of my most valued clients. For a number of years I advised Mace on a wide array of matters before one of the company founders asked me to join Mace and form an in-house tax team.

What skills and experience do you bring to your role on the Mace Board?

I’ve had a lot of exposure to other high-profile corporates and have a profound knowledge of owner managed businesses. My experience as an external consultant has given me the opportunity to see first-hand the challenges faced by other large corporates across a number of industries and to take an objective view as to the measures they have adopted to achieve their commercial objectives. 

How have you seen the company develop during your time here?

Business moves fast within Mace. During my three years in-house I have seen our development business make a number of important acquisitions and our consultancy business make a successful acquisition in Kenya. Importantly we have taken the business into new realms with regard to our approach to research and development, as we continue to grow and improve, setting industry standards.

Having been involved closely with Mace’s strategy – both as an external consultant and then in-house – I’ve also seen how the business has matured and is now, more than ever, able to bring a better perspective to bear on our clients’ challenges.

Where would you like to see Mace in five years’ time?

In a nutshell – in a position to rival its own legacy! We have purposely taken an introspective position over the last two years and from that have learnt a number of important lessons. We are now, more than ever, focused on growing a sustainable business. We are still entrepreneurial, we embrace innovation and we will always look for a ‘better way’ in achieving our objectives and those of our clients. There is simply no reason why Mace cannot be the industry leader that we all want it to be. 

What are you passionate about outside work?

I like art; I draw and design jewellery. I also have a love for ‘hot yoga’ and I hike a lot - mainly in Spain.

Mace Board: Mandy Willis - Mace Group

“The business has matured and is now, more than ever, able to bring a better perspective to bear on our clients’ challenges.”