Mace People: Michelle Barkess - Mace Group
Mace Executive Board

Michelle Barkess

Chief Information Officer

Michelle spent more than twenty years leading big retailers on their digital transformation journey prior to joining Mace in 2018. As our Chief Information Officer she is taking the reins on our digital strategy and making sure that innovation is at the top of the business agenda.

How did your career lead you to Mace?

I started out in finance and was working for a company that asked me to lead a global finance implementation. The experience gave me a glimpse of how tech can be used to improve the productivity of the work environment, and I was enticed to leave finance to pursue a career in the technology arena.

I then spent more than 20 years in retail prior to joining Mace in 2018. It was an exciting period when tech was at the heart of transformational change. Retailers had to adapt their business models to offer online selling and face a new era of brand management with the dawn of social media.

I was fortunate to lead projects that involved redesigning the end-to-end supply chain to ensure that consumer demands were met, and safeguard brand reputation across social media channels. It was great to play a part in a sector that truly pivoted the way in which it operated.

Although I didn’t have a background in construction when I joined Mace, I could see that there were a lot of similarities and there was a huge opportunity to make a difference.

What attracted you to Mace?

I met the Board during my interview process and while the opportunity to innovate at Mace was exciting, the key aspect that made me want to join the company was that the core values of the business aligned with my personal values.

The Board spoke with genuine passion about doing the best for colleagues and going the extra mile for clients. The fact that the business acts responsibly and contributes back to society through the Mace Foundation is also something that is very close to my heart. I am incredibly proud to be part of an organisation that really makes a difference around the world and looks to ensure we minimise our impact on global challenges such as carbon reduction.  

What makes Mace an industry leader?

In a nutshell, it’s our people. There’s a shared mindset across our global business. We are driven to stretch the boundaries and find a better way of doing things for our clients and for our colleagues. We look after each other and create platforms and opportunities for people to be their very best - and we always have a lot of fun along the way.

What does your role on the Executive Board entail?

My work is focused on transformation and I work closely with our Chief Technical Officer, Stephen Jeffery. I ultimately have accountability to drive and embed the digital strategy through the Group to help Mace become a data driven business.

It was amazing to see the business move five years over a three-month span during the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic in terms of understanding the power of data. As part of becoming a data driven business, we are constantly looking at how digital platforms can underpin modern methods of construction, which is our Construction to Production strategy at Mace.

We are committed to enhancing productivity for our people and our clients. I don’t get out of bed to drive a technology agenda – my motivation lies in driving transformational change across a business.

Where would you like to see Mace in the next five years?

To build upon the fantastic foundations that are already in place and be the employer of choice and the partner of choice at a global level. Our digital strategy is very much focused on creating a fully connected business across our clients, our people and our supply chain across the world.

My priority is to introduce technology that creates a modern workplace where colleagues can excel and deliver fantastic value to our clients by being at the forefront of innovation and always acting in a responsible way. This will go a long way in realising my vision for Mace.

Mace People: Michelle Barkess - Mace Group

“My motivation lies in driving transformational change across a business.”