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Brian Acheson

Chief Executive


With Dornan marking its 50th birthday in 2016, its Chief Executive Brian Acheson is keen that the company continues to be defined by the satisfaction of its clients. Dornan's strong focus on its clients and staff resonates with Mace’s values and has proved to be the foundation of a successful relationship since 2009.

How did Dornan begin?
Dornan is a mechanical and electrical contractor. We started out serving chemical and petrochemical industries, but we have continuously expanded in terms of the clients we serve and the countries we operate in. Although the majority of our turnover is still generated from UK-based projects we took Dornan international in 1994 and now have a presence across Europe. We’ve now worked in Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Ireland.
How is Dornan unique?

We aren’t unique. We are fortunate, however, to have really skilled and loyal people working at Dornan; they’re knowledgeable about their profession and take great pride in delivering projects for our clients. Pride plays a big part of the mindset of my colleagues, which in some ways may actually be unique these days.

We are very proud of our reputation in delivering difficult projects with demanding schedules, but above all else it’s the repeat business we receive that really demonstrates our success and is what we always strive for.

How did you join the Mace supply chain?

Dornan first worked with Mace in 2009 through an existing customer relationship on a project in Berkshire. The project was a huge success and it went on to win the British Safety Council's prestigious ‘Sword of Honour’ award.

After that project completed, we joined the Mace supply chain and have gone on to build a tremendous relationship. We’ve now successfully delivered almost £200m of mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) installations for Mace.

How are Dornan and Mace aligned?

We’re aligned in our uncompromising dedication to safety, quality, systems and attitudes.

As an MEP provider that has developed through our exposure to multinational blue chip end users, we have built our success on fundamentals such as safe conditions of work, auditable quality systems, construction programming and a proactive attitude of working together with the client team to ensure successful delivery of each project.

Like Mace, we also do what we can to support the communities in which we work. We’re always looking for opportunities in which we can play a positive role and we encourage our employees to volunteer and participate in local campaigns and sporting events to raise funds for worthy causes.

What benefits do you get from being a Mace supplier?

We’ve been very fortunate to find that Mace’s attitudes and values are so similar to ours, but the Mace Business School [a support service offered by Mace to help its business-critical suppliers deliver industry best practice and maintain the highest level of health and safety] really helps to align our thinking.

Our people are our greatest asset and we constantly invest in upgrading our skills and education, so the individual training and personal development offered by the business school gives our employees a host of great opportunities.

Mace People: Brian Acheson - Mace Group

“We’ve been very fortunate to find that even though Mace’s attitudes and values are already so similar to ours, the Mace Business School ensures that our thinking remains aligned.”