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Danny Lucas

Executive Chairman and Managing Director


Lucas is one of the UK construction industry's leading specialist fit out and finishing contractors. Led by Danny Lucas, the company has an innovative approach to everything it does. Its pursuit of a better way and focus on delivering the very best for its clients has meant that the relationship between Mace and Lucas has spanned more than 20 years.

How did Lucas begin?

We started out as a painting and decorating company in 1969 with just a handful of employees and over the years we’ve expanded to include fit out and finishing. We now have a workforce of 300.

I joined the company at the age of 15 and worked my way up. Managing some large projects paved my way to becoming a director and shareholder of Lucas in 1991 and in 2010 I became chairman and managing director. The environment we try to create is positive, enjoyable and forward thinking and we’re focused on maintaining the highest levels of efficiency and consistency.

How is Lucas unique?

What sets us apart from others is our determination to continually set new standards. I believe we have a strong reputation in the industry for being one of the most efficient and reliable fit out and finishing companies. We’re always focused on providing a consistent service.

I’ve always felt that painting is an undersold trade. But if we don’t get the finishing touches spot on, we could devalue the whole project. At Lucas, we think of ourselves as technicians of our field.

In 2014, after feeling that the industry lacked the tools to hold our heads up high, we launched our own paint brush – the McLaren F1 car of paint brushes. Since then, we’ve used the Lucas ProFinish on all of our projects, including some of the most iconic buildings in London. Now we can get the finish of yesterday with eco-friendly paints. It’s just one way that we’re constantly trying to better ourselves for our clients.

How did you join the Mace supply chain?
I can remember hearing about this great company that had just been formed in 1990 who were doing things differently. Unfortunately they weren't looking to expand their supply chain at the time. We had a breakthrough in 1995 when a client involved us in a project and from there the relationship was formed.
How are Lucas and Mace aligned?

There was great synergy from the offset. I think what Mace liked about Lucas was that we were focused on delivery. Delivery is what Mace are all about: they’re fully committed to each project and will never allow themselves to fail. We both pride ourselves on being reliable and consistent across all of our projects.

Whatever size or sector, we both believe quality and innovation is key. We strive to find new and better ways to deliver projects – we’re always thinking about moving forward.

What benefits do you get from being a Mace supplier?

Aside from working jointly on some of the best buildings in England, we have access to a really fantastic network. Mace aren’t overprotective about us having relationships with others. They’ve given us multiple opportunities to meet other supply chain members. In fact, Mace invited me to speak at one of their seminars that exposed Lucas to 200 clients!

The Mace Business School [a support service offered by Mace to help its business-critical suppliers deliver industry best practice and maintain the highest level of health and safety] is great. It really aligns Lucas with the Mace way of working. We already have a very similar ethos but the training takes it to another level. We can all say what we think quality means, but what does it mean at Mace? That’s what the business school teaches us. But Mace also listen – they’re not afraid to learn too. I like to think we both get a lot out of the knowledge sharing that comes out of the business school.

Mace Supplier: Danny Lucas - Mace Group

“There was great synergy from the offset. Mace and Lucas both pride themselves on being reliable and consistent across all projects.”