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Lee Rowswell


GKR Scaffolding Ltd

GKR Scaffolding joined the Mace supply chain in 1998. Its Director, Lee Rowswell, leads the company with one very clear focus – safety. As a result, its commitment has seen the company win numerous awards. Following substantial growth over the last 19 years and phenomenal successes, GKR Scaffolding has earned itself a reputation as the experts in high-rise, high-risk builds.

How did GKR Scaffolding start?

My dad started the business in 1979. Back then we only had eight employees and I used to work for the company in my school holidays and at weekends. I took over in 1997 when my father retired and, at the time, ran everything from my house!

Now, we have 360 employees and we’re the largest independent scaffolding company in the southeast and London. We’ve come a long way in a relatively short space of time.

How is GKR Scaffolding unique?

Our people make us unique. We only employee the very best in terms of their commitment to safety, their skills and attitude. Nearly all of our employees have been with us for a long time. I prefer to invest in the people we have than take a risk on too many new recruits.

We also constantly look for safer ways to do things. In 2014, we invented the Elimin8; the first tethered scaffold fitting. We didn’t patent it as we want the rest of the industry to use it too, and now it’s becoming mainstream on high-rise, high-risk construction in London.

How did you join the Mace supply chain?
It was by luck really – although I suppose you make your own luck. We started working with a company after they were let down by another scaffolding firm. The building was being constructed by Mace so we worked alongside them and started a relationship. We must have impressed them as we’ve been working together for 19 years now and Mace have awarded us some of their biggest contracts.
How are GKR Scaffolding and Mace aligned?

We’ve both come a long way in the last 20 years but we’ve remained true to our vision. We’re both 100% committed to delivering the very best for our clients and we do that by making sure we are consistent and transparent in the way we work and in how our teams represent us.

Above all else, we don’t compromise on safety for anything and we constantly look for better and safer ways to do things. Our clients put their trust in us that we’re going to work safely – letting them down isn’t an option.

What benefits do you get from being a Mace supplier?

Mace put us on the map. As soon as we joined the Mace supply chain we were spring-boarded and the best projects in the southeast and London just keep coming.

Our big break came when Mace awarded us the contract for The Shard. No one in the UK had ever worked at such height and the risks were huge. Mace had faith in us to deliver and deliver safely; we were never going to let them down. Since then, there’s been no end to the opportunities we’ve had.

All of our employees have access to the Mace Business School. It complements our own academy really well and makes sure we’re all trained to the level Mace expect of us. It also creates relationships away from site in a more relaxed environment.

Mace are the best construction company to work with. We have a fantastic relationship built on trust. They believe in us and in return we offer them the best people.

Lee Roswell, GKR Scaffolding - Mace Group

“We’ve both come a long way in the last 20 years but we’ve remained true to our vision. We’re both 100% committed to delivering the very best for our clients.”