Listen: Whats next for the future of our construction sector?

What happens if you get left behind? Join our CEO Mark Reynolds for our Mace Insights podcast to find out how we can be smarter, more productive and deliver better projects. 

The UK government has set construction the challenge of becoming radically more productive by 2025. With construction output per worker in the UK remaining flat for the last two decades and a recent report suggesting that a third of millennials will never own their own home — we have a serious challenge on our hands. Modern methods of construction, particularly an approach that learns from manufacturing, has the power to transform home building, as well as the delivery of offices, schools, prisons and more. 

We need a transformative and innovative approach. The status quo is no longer an option for projects. There are already some models out there which require large physical factories to be built around the country – our suggested way forward is different. We want to bring the factory model to the site, which will create local jobs, is greener and could be exported overseas.

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