Top 10: the most read Mace perspectives of 2018

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Mace’s Perspective pages are home to our industry-leading opinion and expert knowledge. Week on week, we publish articles that cover everything from technical solutions, to job hunting tips, to announcing the next big construction technology innovation.

In 2018, we published more than 50 articles which were read by more than 70,000 people. 

This year, Mace will be refreshing our perspective section, launching a complete new look and feel – as well as delivering many more fantastic articles. Stay tuned and watch this space!  

Below, we’ve listed our ten most popular articles – take a look…

10: Building on the Blockchain 

Coming in at number 10, this article by Mace’s Brittanie Campbell-Turner in North America explored the future of the blockchain and how it could disrupt the property and construction industry. Are you ready for smart contracts and blockchain-enabled sensor technology? 

“During a project, blockchain could also be used with project management software to track requests for information, changes and even cost data based on real-time approval.”

9: Airports of the future 

What does the next generation of aviation infrastructure look like?

In April, Mace released our latest collection of thought leadership, exploring the future of the aviation sector. It included articles from senior leaders at Mace, as well as our clients and other industry leaders. 

8. Becoming a construction apprentice

Mace’s Benjamin Susca won Apprenticeship of the Year at the Made in Manchester Awards.

In this article he explains his journey as an apprentice at Mace and offers tips for those who might be thinking of taking up an apprenticeship in construction. 

7. What makes an exceptional commercial director? 

Entrepreneurial, collaborative and central to any construction project, the importance of a commercial director’s role can never be overstated by those in the industry.

In this article from May, Christian Moffatt, Mace Director of Recruitment, explains the skills that mark out a truly exceptional commercial director. 

6. Tender costs predicted to rise more than expected in 2018

Every quarter, Mace publishes an update on UK construction tender costs. Our first update of 2018, looking at the final quarter of 2017 and our predictions for the year ahead, proved especially popular.

5. Operating on a knife edge

Mace’s Deputy COO for Construction, Mark Castle is the Chair of Build UK. In January, he wrote an article for Building magazine about the uncertain future of the UK principal contractor model. 

“The Farmer Report made it clear that the current model is not sustainable and will limit our sector’s capacity to grow and to deliver the UK’s much needed pipeline of property and infrastructure.”

4. Pushing forward health and wellbeing in construction

The construction sector is often accused of having been slow to understand and adopt the health and wellbeing agenda.

Early on in 2018, Judith Grant, our Associate Director of Health and Wellbeing, wrote about how Mace is working to put it at the centre of everything we do.  

3. Insights - Construction productivity: the size of the prize

Mace’s Insights reports are research papers that explore key issues in our sector. In January 2018, we published a new report exploring the potential impact of the Government’s Construction Sector Deal, which showed the huge potential benefits of fixing our productivity problem. 

The latest research from Mace shows that – if we’d just kept up with manufacturing since the mid-1990’s – construction could be delivering more than £100bn of additional economic growth in the UK, and providing more than £40bn in additional tax revenues to the Exchequer.

2. Insights – How modern methods of construction can help Britain build the homes it needs 

Another Mace Insights report makes the top three – this time our report from July exploring the future modern methods of construction and the way they could transform how we build homes in the UK and beyond. 

By embracing MMC techniques developed in Britain, homes, offices and schools across the world could be built more quickly and more safely.  How can we ensure that the UK is ready to take advantage of MMC?

1. Interviewing for a job in construction: Mace’s top tips

Our most popular article from last year – and in fact the most read perspective of all time on the Mace website – is a helpful guide to construction sector job interviews written by our talent and development expert, Gill Jordison. Clearly many people are looking for guidance on how to land that dream job.  

"When the stakes are high and you really want a job or opportunity, it can feel like a nerve wracking experience. So, here’s my top five tips to help you show off the best version of you…”

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