Be part of the change

Pooling knowledge. Sharing best practice. True collaboration. The climate challenge is real and there is simply no way the industry will achieve what it needs to if it doesn’t pull together.

The built environment is uniquely placed to impact climate change and create opportunities for communities. But we cannot simply do less of everything - we have to find new ways of thinking and working, fast. Incremental change is no longer enough. Instead, we must work hard to not only push the conversation forward, but enable swift action too. That takes collaboration on an epic scale, as well as a refusal to work behind closed doors.

Mace’s role in industry groups such as ConstructZero has been pivotal in enabling knowledge to be shared and collaboration to translate into meaningful action – helping to drive change at the speed and scale needed. But we also need to see a step change in behaviour and action across the industry. Increasing biodiversity. Generating social value. Reducing carbon. The future of the planet depends on elevating all three.

We all have a role to play

Like many businesses, Mace has made commitments to pursue a sustainable world. But words are nothing without action.

That’s why we’re sharing our refreshed sustainability strategy, which focuses on driving transformation and empowering our people to deliver outcomes and impacts that create positive change. Holding ourselves fully accountable is imperative, but sharing our commitments is too – to help our industry to take that urgent step forward, before it is too late.

This strategy reflects the rapidly changing sustainability arena, the tools and resources available to us, and how we are all responsible for the built environment achieving its goals.

Mace's Responsible Business Strategy can be viewed in full via the download link above.