Project and programme management

Clients are operating in complex environments, facing challenges that include continuously changing and fast moving programme needs, fierce competition and competing demands, all against a challenging economic backdrop.

Whether it is a single fit-out of a new building, a major programme of infrastructure over several years or a framework spanning many different countries, Mace’s project and programme managers have the ability to respond to our clients business needs.

Our management teams offer a flexible, client-focused approach based on our wealth of experience across complex projects and programmes in every sector, from manufacturing and pharmaceutical to large utility corporations, education authorities and national infrastructure schemes.

With offices around the world, we are also experienced at working across borders in full compliance with all governance and regulatory requirements as well as being mindful and considerate of cultural characteristics and qualities. The breadth of our offer spans from PMO right through to delivery partner.

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  • Jason Millett

    CEO for Consultancy

Why Mace?

Client focus

Client focus is at the heart of what we do. Our first step is to identify and fully understand what our clients are trying to achieve – we get under the skin of their vision, goals and values so we can realise them in the project or programme.

With this focus built into our DNA, we are not afraid to ask the right questions and provoke new ideas and ways of thinking to deliver the most beneficial outcomes.

Game changing programmes

With each programme, we strive to reach our clients’ values and aspirations, from increasing employment opportunities and skills provision to improved health and safety, sustainability and a local legacy. 

As demonstrated by the successful completion of many transformational projects: the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, work underway at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the delivery of capital projects for Affinity Water, creation of new schools, hospitals and public buildings through our public sector frameworks, and our numerous corporate real estate partnerships, we deliver programmes have set new standards of excellence for others to follow. 

integration with client teams

For many of our longer-term programmes our teams are fully integrated in the client’s organisation. Here we bring our robust processes, procedures and methodologies and work with our clients to set the governance framework and project controls to manage the change.

In the pharmaceutical industry we’re working as an extension of GSK's real estate and facilities team, providing a programme management office (PMO) for the transformation of their research and development estate, known as Project Places. Our people integrate with GSK teams on all projects providing a range of project and programme, cost and commercial and technical services to ensure they are delivered in a sustainable and effective manner.

Other programmes include Dubai 2020 Expo in the UAE and a major programme of social infrastructure across Qatar in collaboration with Ashghal. 

Project management

We provide a full spectrum of project management services, whether it is advising a client on a new and evolving idea, preparing a business case or developing an organisational framework capable of delivering huge business transformation.

As an agile, focused and flexible partner we adopt a value-driven strategy to define and articulate project objectives, before identifying the most effective means to deliver.

Regardless of the scale or complexity of a project, we employ and refine our systems and processes to provide control, governance and transparency from inception to completion. In every decision we make, we challenge and work diligently to find the most efficient and cost-effective outcome.

Programme management

Over the last few years our programme management expertise has helped clients to improve performance, drive organisational change and realise efficiencies.

We are adept at helping our clients navigate through ambiguity – managing multiple workstreams, interdependencies, and driving and configuring complex programmes from integrated projects.

We have the experience to deliver a course of action that manages the priority themes of the programme alongside risk, time, cost and quality; the leadership to inspire and motivate teams; and the passion and enthusiasm to drive value at every turn. By providing strong, expert leadership from the start, we give clients the level of confidence and assurance that they require. We develop programme delivery methodologies that are robust, transparent and based on experience drawn from large scale projects around the world.

Award Winning

Many of our consultancy projects have won award after award, for design, sustainability, safety and community engagement.  As one of our clients said: “The transformation that was delivered is nothing short of stunning.”